About Amber S. Morgan



Amber S. Morgan, former head trainer and owner of Higher Ground Dog Training, is a Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. She earned her certifications from the highly respected Triple Crown Academy (renamed Starmark Academy) located in Austin, Texas. In order to obtain those certifications, she was required to live on campus at the facility, and faced lengthy and intensive training and stringent testing requirements (both written and hands-on with hundreds of rescue and sport dogs). These requirements are almost unheard of in the professional dog training community.

Triple Crown Academy earned their world-renowned reputation by setting their standards very high. The Canine Training & Behavior Specialist diploma and certification held by Amber S. Morgan is the highest degree of certification offered at Triple Crown. Amber was not only certified as a Canine Training & Behavior Specialist, but also graduated at the top of her class.

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Her training/certification at TCA included rigorous training and testing in the following:

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced obedience for adult dogs
  • Puppy selection and imprinting Foundation training, relationship building, socialization, and problem prevention for puppies
  • Temperament evaluation for shelter and pet dogs
  • Marker training (“clicker training”)
  • Fears and phobias treatment programs
  • Aggression and reactivity towards people, and other dogs and animals
  • All aspects of behavioral development and modification
  • Dominance reversal programs
  • Kennel management
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen training and testing
  • AKC competition obedience
  • AKC agility
  • AKC Rally obedience
  • Schutzhund training (police canine sport training)
  • Search and Rescue dog training
  • DEA-approved Narcotic Scent Detection
  • Personal Protection training
  • Tracking (ground disturbance and air tracking)
  • Service Dog selection and training

At Triple Crown Academy, Amber’s curriculum was designed and instructed by the internationally acclaimed canine trainers Jessy Gabriel and Rob Dunn. Jessy and Rob have both regularly achieved top titles in national events, and have represented the United States in multiple world-level competitions. They have also coached several students and handlers who have also competed at the highest levels of international training competitions. Jessy also handles and trains animals for movie and TV productions, while Rob is currently the Regional Training Director for the South Central Region of the United States Schutzhund Club. The collective information and education provided by these highly talented and experienced trainers was invaluable.

Jessy Gabriel (holding flag) and Rob Dunn (to Jessy’s left) at WUSV World Working Dog Championship 2016, in Paderborn, Germany.

Amber has been training dogs for almost 25 years. Prior to graduation from Triple Crown Academy, she worked extensively with owners and their dogs on Cape Cod in MA. Upon graduation, Amber began a respected training program in Eastham, MA, which included in-kennel training, group classes, private lessons, board and train, and day training, as well as all levels of behavioral modification. This training program was recommended by local veterinarians and shelters.

In Austin, Texas, Amber worked with and trained high-risk rescue dogs, and obtained AKC Canine Good Citizen titles for dogs who had been deemed “unadoptable.” These dogs not only passed their CGC tests; they also went on to be successfully placed with new families. In addition, she worked with private clients, board and train dogs, shelter dogs, and has worked with many clients for competition in Schutzhund trials and AKC Rally and Obedience trials.

Amber has instructed numerous group classes of various descriptions for the public. She has given seminars and lectures on various canine-related topics, and has been specializing in canine aggression and reactivity issues. She is experienced working with dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments and ages.

Additional certifications, education, and memberships:

  • Worked with the German Shepherd Rescue of New England
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)
  • AKC-approved Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator.
  • Certified Pet-Nutrition Consultant

Relevant academic courses:

  • Veterinary Medical Terminology
  • Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
  • Veterinary Laboratory Procedures
  • Veterinary Nutrition
  • Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  • 800 hours of hands-on instruction in canine grooming. 


Amber S. Morgan’s Training Philosophy

Amber strongly believes that for training to be successful and enjoyable, you must “train the brain” of the dog you’re working with. She uses the science of operant and classical conditioning and the art of creative problem solving.  Amber chooses to neither bully nor bribe the dog, but to instead engage the dog’s brain and create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  She believes that training your dog should be a way to foster a lifelong positive relationship with your dog that is based on mutual trust, respect and communication. She strives to make training sessions fun and effective for everyone on both sides of the leash and to create positive behaviors that last a lifetime.